Sep 24-Oct 2 List (Better price than Winco & Costco:Shrimps,Silk Milk, White Rice…)

  Massaman Curry. Buy cheap chicken or shrimp, potatoes, & carrots.  These are all on the list below except for thick coconut milk–get that Walmart as well–it’s cheaper than any Asian/Oriental stores. Sorry,… Continue reading

Sept.12-23 List (Special K Cereal $2.28 only & there’s a coupon for it.)

Don’t forget to get coupon for Kellogs Cereal. Go to *Racho Market* *Racho Market* *Racho Market* *Racho Market* *Racho Date of Ad:Sep.17-23 Meat $$$ Produce $$$$ Simply Orange $2.99 Chikn Drum .89lb… Continue reading

Sep.3-Sep.11 (Cheap Corn Chex $1.50) Bought 8 with $2 coupon. Final price was $1.10 )

Sorry for the error.  The price-match is  1.50$. Get coupons at Date:Sep.3rd-Sep.9th *Racho Market* *Racho Market* *Racho Market* *Racho Market* *Racho Others: Meat $$$ Produce $$$$ Catfish 2.99lb Cucumber 6lb-.99 Red Grape… Continue reading

Aug27-Sep4 (small Avocados .20c each! & Try buttery Swai fish)

  Date: Aug 27-Sep 1st *Racho Market* *Racho Market* *Racho Market* *Racho Market* *Racho Others: Meat $$$ Produce $$$$ Western Family Pasilla Pepper lbs=.99 Hotdog/Burger Bun White Onions 4lbs .99 .69c for each… Continue reading

End of Aug 20-27 List (Best Honeydew Price!)

Date: Aug 21-27 Meat $$$ Produce $$$$ Ridleys Store Grapes 1lb=.97 Berries 3 for $5 Date: Aug 22-28 Cantaloupe lb=.38 Buy Low Store Meat $$$$$ Produce $$$$ Others: Bnless Chk Brst 1lb=2.19 Watermelon… Continue reading

Whole Wheat Tortilla bag for .88cents?!!! Awesome Deal!!!

Winco’s Maya’s Tortillas 12 count.  Very cheap! You can use it for making the following: Tacos? Pizza? Wrap? Bake for chips?  I buy most of our staple food such as rice, noodles, tortillas,… Continue reading

Aug 15-21st New Price Match List! Best Watermelon Price!

Aug14th-20th Meat $$$ Produce $$$$ Ridleys Store Others: Cantaloup 1lb=.28c Copy Paper 1=$3.74 Aug 15-21 Buy Low Store Meat $$$$$ Produce $$$$ Others: Bnless Chk Brst 1lb=2.19 Ragu Bottle 1=.88 Tilapia 1lb=2.49 Carrots… Continue reading

$1.00 Off on Almond Milk So Delicious–Tuesdays only!!!

Print coupon (Limit 2 per person) 😦

Aug 7-19th (Cheerios Cereal with Coupon & Pricematch .88 cents box)

You must pricematch and bring the .50 c coupon to get the lowest price – Tuesday’s only. Go to The coupons will be doubled that day =$1.00 Aug7th-13th  Meat $$$ Produce $$$$… Continue reading

Aug 1-11th Pricematch list- Produce Only (Cheap Berries!)

Meat $$$ Produce $$$$ Dairy Rancho  White Corn 0.20 ea Avocado 0.25 ea Broccoli 0.50  lb Plums 0.50 lb Tues-Thurs Only White melon Strawberries Buy Low Cantaloupe 0.25 lb Peaches 0.50 lb Red… Continue reading